Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Encouragement from a Friend

Awhile back one of my dearest friends, Sherese Wilson from Hawaii wrote me this and I thought I'd share with you women as well.

"It is always hard stepping out in Uncharted Territory for the Lord... Its just a time when you have to be confident in the things the Lord is calling you to accomplish in this season of your life... just remember when God calls you to something greater, things will come against you... just know your right where the Lord wants you... just know, when God asks you to do something beyond yourself, that he trusts you and he will go before you and prepare the way.. be encouraged and remain faithful, it's Gods because it's something we can't accomplish on our own... Just be Confident, and trust the Lord with "everything", family, friends, your relationship, school, job! and all the tings in between.. I believe this is a season of Growth in the Lord, your christ character, will be strengthened... and you will be renewed everyday! just rely on the Lord, knowing he has called and chosen you to accomplish something this season, thats never been done and through you! be strong and couragous, just as he reminded Joshua, he's reminding you1 you will see the fruit of your labor return 100 folds more! who you are is enough in Him!"

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